Practical texts

Buddhist liturgical texts of the Glorious Drukpa lineage for the practices conducted at the Drukpa Plouray center.

For many years, under the guidance of Drubpön Pagsam Yongdu Ngawang Tenzin, Druk Nangsel (the publishing branch of the Drukpa Plouray center) endeavours to translate and to publish the practices texts and the prayer books in order to make them available to the greatest number.

Regularly, liturgies and chants are recorded in order to make CDs and DVDs that will help to learn, to follow and to perform more smoothly the numerous practices.

In the same spirit, the various available representations are supports to visualisation and rituals : deities, offerings, mudras, etc.

Making these supports available and selling them achieve two main goals:

- Bring to each and everyone the necessary means to study and learn the formal practices.

- Help to finance new publications linked to commentaries and teachings of the Masters of the lineage.

Continuously, we correct, improve and enhance the available items.

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