Fotos y Representaciones

You will find here various supports for the visualizations (deities, offerings, etc.) and for the mudras accomplished during the formal practices in Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism.

The majority of the representations has been selected by Drubpön Pagsam Yongdu, representative of the Drukpa lineage in Europe and Master of retreat, for which many acknowledge his qualities.

While it has become easy to find thangkas for sale in many places, we would like to remind you that the value of a thangka as well as its qualities as a support for meditation directly depend on the skill, the attention, the precision in details and scholarship of the painter. Along with these qualities, the art of painting requires a very accurate and detailed knowledge of the visualizations described in the liturgical texts.

Drubpön Pagsam Yongdu has initiated a collection of thangkas (still underway) dedicated to the tradition and the practices of the Glorious Drukpa lineage. To complete this work, he has called on Tsering Ngodrup, previously a Drukpa monk and now a renowned painter in Ladakh, where he entirely repainted the precious cave of Gotsang above Hemis.

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